It Is, What It Is

It is, what it is. Have you heard this expression? It works in specific situations but don’t generalize it. What a crappy way to look at life. First, what the hell does it mean? Take life as it comes? Duh. Do we really need this guidance?

I actually think it means, lower your expectations. If so, it’s an extra crappy philosophy. It is patently WRONG. My view is this: everyone has unique talents and qualities that they might not even realize. It’s in your best interest to bring them out or you are not a complete person. Becoming whole is what life is about. Raise your expectations for yourself. You’ll be 100% happier when you do, you’ll feel much more fulfilled and people will be drawn to you.

The secret of your success is to be the most thoroughly true to yourself person you can be–it’s called self-actualization. If you don’t have high expectations for yourself, you don’t respect yourself enough. If you can’t love and respect YOU, you absolutely can’t love and respect the people in your life the way you should. They deserve a better you than you’re giving them. I can say that without even knowing you.

Is life frustrating and hard? Are you depressed? It is because you aren’t living up to your potential as a person. It isn’t because of how your momma raised you or what your circumstances are or how unfair the system is. No. It isn’t even because you might be poorly educated or poverty stricken. It’s because you are unwittingly livin’ by that crappy it is, what it is philosophy.

Don’t settle. Don’t be lazy. See my next blog entry.


~ by Tim Daniel on July 19, 2007.

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