It’s true what you heard

Yes, it’s true. I am eccentric. Make that weird. Here, by request, are ten weird, random things, facts, or habits about me. As if you needed more grist for your mill.

  1. I eat an entire jar of natural peanut butter every week.
  2. I’ll drink beer but I prefer vodka & tonic, a martini, or red wine. Jack & coke is good. Or single malt scotch–excellent! Rum drinks are tasty. Gin tastes like medicine but I like it.
  3. I am Irish.
  4. As a kid, our neighbor had a bulldog that would chase me back into my house whenever I came outside.
  5. We lived in the country when I was a kid and my dad decided to raise 4 pigs. They were constantly getting out of their pen and running all over the country side with my dad, me, and my sis chasing them. Crazy.
  6. Go to Jack-in-the-Box. Order a Jumbo Jack combo and two 99 cent tacos. Eat some burger, then some taco, then back to burger, etc. You will thank me.
  7. President Kennedy was more like a Republican than a Democrat by today’s standards. Kennedy is still one of my favorite presidents. Plus, Jackie O, what a stunner.
  8. When I was born, my parents got me a chihuahua named Rusty. He lived about 12 years. He barked at the pigs.
  9. I am left handed.
  10. I was terribly, terribly shy as a kid. I loved geography and was one of the few jr. high kids who did the reading. One day teacher called on literally 20 kids in class w/ same question & no one knew. Finally came to me & I nailed it. I was so embarrased. The kids started calling me Mrs. Evan’s boyfriend. I didn’t like it. This was way before female teachers had sex all the time with their students.

~ by Tim Daniel on June 21, 2007.

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