A Few Weird Facts About Me

I claim to be off-kilter in my profile but don’t offer much proof. Among family members and old friends there’s no dispute on this topic, mind you. But for the rest of you—new blog friends and random internet predators—I thought I’d offer up a few benign weird facts about me.

  • My interest in government and politics started in early childhood. As a kid, I would watch congressional hearings on television for hours and hours. I now believe that was an early indicator of brain damage.
  • As a kid, I did not like fried foods.
  • As an adult, I get stuck on one particular food that I like. I will eat that food every day at lunch for up to six months at a time. At about six months or so, I tire of it and move on to another food fixation.
  • Any word for the body’s natural gastric release annoys me: fart, poot, etc. I’ve never used these words & won’t. Yet, I’ll say just about anything else.
  • I have an irrational hatred of cats. I’m not fond of turtles either.
  • When I first moved into my new place, I tried to avoid meeting the neighbors by tuning my TV to the Spanish channel and turning the volume way up. I hoped that my neighbors would conclude that I didn’t speak English and would leave me alone. It didn’t work. Damn Hispanic neighbors.

These are all true. In fact, they are just the tip of the iceberg and by no means the most weird. As I get more comfortable with you new friends and anonymous predators, I just might share some of the really good stuff.


~ by Tim Daniel on May 27, 2007.

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